"You going a do this next summer?" said Jack to Ennis...

"Maybe not."...He looked away from Jack's jaw, bruised blue from the hard punch Ennis had thrown him on the last day...

"Well, see you around, I guess." The wind trumbled an empty feed bag down the street until it fetched up under his truck.

"Right," said Jack, and they shook hands, hit each other on the shoulder, then there was forty feet of distance between them and nothing to do but drive away in opposite directions. Within a mile Ennis felt like someone was pulling his guts out hand over hand a yard at a time. He stopped at the side of the road and, in the whirling new snow, tried to puke but nothing came up. He felt about as bad as he ever had and it took a long time for the feeling to wear off.                   
                                                                                                                                                                   ~"Brokeback Mountain", Annie Proulx

"He was a Friend of Mine"  by Bob Dylan
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  • 海狗先生歡迎你^^ 狄倫阿伯雖然有點老派 但他可是時代的經典呀!

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